SMEDAN Loan Registration Portal Login 2024 Application Form

SMEDAN Loan Registration Portal Login 2024: SMEDAN launches a portal for SMEs to apply for N5 million loans. See detail for a successful application below.

SMEDAN, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria, was established to encourage the growth of smaller businesses throughout the nation. In 2003, SMEDAN was created as a result of the “SMEDAN Act.”

SMEDAN’s duties include:

  • Encourage, oversee, and coordinate the growth of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs)
  • Create and implement policies that will promote the expansion of MSMEs.
  • Increase your capacity
  • Assist MSMEs in obtaining credit and other funding sources

SMEDAN operates a number of offices across the nation, including its main office in Abuja, to carry out its mandate of promoting the growth of small businesses.

The Bank of Agriculture (BOA) and the Bank of Industry (BOI) are just two examples of the partner organizations that SMEDAN works with.

SMEDAN Loan Application Update 2024

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria, or SMEDAN, has announced that it will open its portal on Tuesday to accept applications for loans ranging from N1.2 million to N5 million from proprietors of small businesses.

The loans would be funded from the SMEDAN-BOA Matching Fund Programme for small businesses, according to a statement from Dikko Radda, director general and chief executive officer of SMEDAN.

According to Mr. Radda, the launch of the program portal would be a promotional initiative aimed at providing small businesses with credit to increase enterprise output, competitiveness, and job creation.

Additionally, he mentioned that the Bank of Agriculture, or BOA, would be the program’s disbursing entity.

The real sector’s labor-intensive micro or small enterprises (MSEs) are the program’s intended beneficiaries. The Director General stated that these should ideally be cutting-edge value-added products that are making a name for themselves in the Nigerian market and need additional funding to increase output.

Therefore, he invited all suitably qualified micro- and small-business owners in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Kaduna, and Oyo states to submit applications for the program.

Mr. Radda added that prospective beneficiaries, who must be SMEDAN registered, would receive the loans under terms that were advantageous to business, including the waiver of collateral.

SMEDAN Application Requirements?

  • A company name (with or without CAC approval)
  • Current email and phone numbers
  • Get your National Identification Number (NIN) here.

How to Apply via SMEDAN Loan Registration Portal Login

To assist you in expanding your small or medium-sized business more quickly, SMEDAN gives you access to benefits from the public and private sectors. Visit to apply.

Obtain your SMEDAN certificate to qualify for grants and loans for your company.

SMEDAN Registration Benefits

Financial Services: Gain access to grants from both public and private organizations, as well as insurance and multiple credit providers.

Benefits from the Private Sector: SMEDAN gives you access to advantages from the private sector, including expert and consultant training and educational materials, private investment opportunities, and more.

Government Benefits: Enroll in SMEDAN to receive government assistance for your business. Grants that are subject to conditions is just one of these benefits.