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Akwa Ibom SUBEB Recruitment 2023/2024 AKSUBEB Application Form

Akwa Ibom SUBEB Recruitment 2023/2024 AKSUBEB Recruitment Portal and Application Form

The Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board is looking for qualified candidates to fill the roles of primary and secondary school teachers in the state. Candidates must have at least two years of teaching experience, a degree in educational sciences, such as a B. Ed. or National Certificate in Education (NCE), and a strong command of the English language in order to be considered for any position advertised. See the AKSUBEB Recruitment Portal for further information about applying.

At this time, AKSUBEB is recruiting interested applicants for its annual recruitment process. Akwa Ibom SUBEB is looking to hire teachers for the 2023–2024 school year. If you’re interested in working at Akwa Ibom SUBEB, follow these steps to make sure your application is accepted:
Fill out the online form, ensure all your credentials are sent before the deadline and email any necessary supplementary information.

AKSUBEB Recruitment Portal 2023

To strengthen the state’s educational system, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, the governor of Akwa Ibom State, previously announced hiring an additional 1,000 teachers for the state’s government primary schools.

Governor Emmanuel stressed the importance of primary education for the development of society. He also urged the AKSUBEB Recruitment board members to live up to expectations by enhancing primary education and the state’s educational system in accordance with the Completion set goals. He also expressed confidence in the board members.

Recruitment Application at AKSUBEB 2023

The AKSUBEB Recruitment Application Form is used by the Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board to gather applications from potential recruits. It includes information about the Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board, the job description, required skills, and questions designed to determine the type of applicant who would succeed in the position.


Through the AKSUBEB Recruitment Application Portal, all applicants to AKSUBEB are eligible to submit a free online job application. All AKSUBEB applicants may utilize the official recruiting portal to upload their applications, including their resume and cover letter, and to maintain them in their accounts. In addition, anyone looking for a job can be hired on a full-time basis by the Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board.

AKSUBEB Recruitment Requirements 2023

All applicants are recommended to confirm they meet the following qualifications before submitting their application for the AKSUBEB recruitment 2023.

All potential candidates must be in possession of the following qualifications from recognized institutions:

  • First and foremost, each applicant must possess their initial high school graduation certificate.
  • The second requirement is that applicants must possess a WASSCE, NECO, GCE, or Grade II certificate with at least five (5) credits in math and English, among other subjects.
  • A National Certificate in Education (NCE) or a B. Ed. from a school with accreditation
  • The candidate must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Candidates must also have a valid photo ID, such as a Permanent Voters Card or a National ID Card issued by NIMC.
  • Fluency in English and strong communication skills are prerequisites.
  • The candidate is not allowed to belong to N-power or FTS.
  • Cult members are not eligible to apply for any position.

How to Apply for Akwa Ibom SUBEB Recruitment 2023

All applications must be submitted to the Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) portal at www.akwaibomstate.gov.ng.

The applicants must also send a clear type application along with copies of their fundamental credentials. To whom should this application be addressed:

The President and CEO of the Uyo-based Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board.

Closing date for AKSUBEB Recruitment, 2023

All applications must be submitted before the deadline, which is two (2) weeks after publication, according to the Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).