Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Salary Structure & Allowance

There have been numerous questions regarding the Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Salary Structure & Allowance, and today, we shall be discussing every information about the salary scale and allowances of the Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Commission staffs.

We have gathered a lot of information concerning the Akwa Ibom State CSC staffs salaries. Therefore, this article is mainly for those Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Commission prospects, or those in search for a job position as this will enable them know what exactly to earn once recruited.

All information including akwa ibom state teachers salary structure, State Civil Service grades have been discussed below. Kindly read through this article carefully and grab all possible information needed.

About Akwa Ibom State Civil Service

The Akwa Ibom State Public Service Commission is a state administrative body tasked with hiring civil officials, identifying their specific responsibilities, and ensuring that tight discipline is upheld within the organization.

Additionally, it is responsible for the care, advancement, transfer, and general oversight of all state employees working in Akwa Ibom State.

Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form

The advice below will help you comprehend the entire system, particularly the monthly pay you can anticipate if you get a job.

In Akwa Ibom State, as in all other states across the nation, the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the State is in charge of all civil servants, except the Chairman and Commissioners.

The Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Commission’s obligations and duties

The functions and responsibilities of the Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Commission include the following:

  • In order to hire senior officers
  • Give directions for appointments, discipline, and promotions;
  • Attend meetings of ministries’ senior staff committees and represent the civil service commissioners;
  • Review and accept the discipline recommendations for senior officers;
  • Approve the advancement of officers to high posts, including the administration of examinations and interviews for promotions.

Akwa Ibom State Civil Service Salary Structure

The Harmonized Public Service Salary Structure (HAPSS), which went into effect on March 1, 2007, is currently used by the Akwa Ibom state Civil Service Commission, along with other state civil services in Nigeria.

The salary grade levels and accompanying monthly salaries for the Akwa Ibom State Civil Service are listed below:

Grade level Salary range (N)
01 19,500 – 27,000
02 21,000 – 29,500
03 22,000 – 32,000
04 22,500 – 35,000
05 25,000 – 41,000
06 31,000 – 49,500
07 41,500 – 64,000
08 54,000 – 80,000
09 63,500 – 96,000
10 73,000 – 111,500
12 87,500 – 127,000
13 98,000 – 138,500
14 107,500 – 153,000
15 120,000 – 167,500
16 132,000 – 190,000
17 147,500 – 213,500

According to the table above, a civil servant in Akwa Ibom State can get a minimum pay of N19,500 and a maximum compensation of N213,500 at grade level one, the lowest grade.

As a general rule, a civil servant in Akwa Ibom State, like those in other states, should serve at least three years in each grade level before being promoted to the following grade level. This gives a servant the right to a small pay raise and keeps workers motivated.