Philippine Air Force Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Portal

Philippine Air Force Recruitment 2023 Schedule: Apply now for the Philippine Air Force (PAF) Recruitment. See the Basic Requirements, Age Limit, Available Positions, and How to apply successfully.

Are you a Filipino, and would want to serve the country under the Philippine Air Force? Then, all you need to have success in your application has been detailed below.

Apply before the application form deadline if you want to join the Philippine Air Force Special Forces. We are excited to let you know about the active Philippine Air Force Recruitment Application Form for 2023. Starting below:

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) Officer Candidate Course (PAFOCC) Class 2024 is officially accepting applications. So, if you qualify, gather your requirements and get ready to take your PAF Qualifying Examinations.

Philippine Air Force Recruitment 2023

Are you seeking an exciting and lucrative military career? There is no need to look any further. The Philippine Air Force (PAF) is now accepting applications for the renowned PAFOCC and Special Enlistment programs. If you have a love for aviation, a desire to serve your country, and a desire for excellence, the PAF is the ideal location to start a rewarding career.

As an Officer Candidate, you will go through a comprehensive and rigorous training program that will sharpen your leadership abilities, expand your aviation knowledge, and implant the basic principles of honesty, service, and excellence in you.

You will receive excellent experience in all sectors of air operations, administration, and management while learning from seasoned military leaders and aviation professionals.

You will be commissioned as an officer upon completion of the PAFOCC, leading and motivating others in the noble duty of defending our nation’s skies.

Don’t worry if you want to help the PAF’s mission but don’t have a college degree. Individuals who want to serve as enlisted personnel can also apply for Special Enlistment with the PAF.

As a Special Enlistee, you will receive specialized training in areas such as aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, and ground support operations. You’ll get to work with cutting-edge aircraft and equipment, while also being part of a dynamic team that assures the PAF’s operational preparedness.

How Do I Join The Philippine Air Force?

There are procedures that must be followed in order to join, just as in any other sector. For the Philippine Air Force, as with the other uniformed services in the Philippines (the army and navy), you must first pass a written qualifying exam.


Then you must pass additional exams, such as a physical fitness test, a medical examination, and, in some situations, another particular written examination.

If you have made up your mind to join. Then you must first apply, and prior to applying, you must meet all the prerequisites and standards. Check out the criteria and prerequisites listed below.

Philippine Air Force Requirements

Qualifications for Candidate Soldier (CS) :

  • Male or female, naturalized Republic of the Philippines citizen
  • Never married, no legal obligation to maintain a child or children
  • Both male and female applicants must be at least 152.4 cm (5′ 0″ ft) tall.
  • When admitted to training, you must be at least 18 years old and no more than 23 years old (born between March 17, 1993, and March 18, 1999).
  • Attained at least 72 college credits
  • With a high moral character
  • Fit for military training both physically and mentally

Qualifications for Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate (PAFOC) :

  • Male or female, naturalized Republic of the Philippines citizen
  • A Baccalaureate Degree from any government-recognized institution is required.
  • Both male and female applicants must be at least 152.4 cm (5′ 0″) tall.
  • When admitted to training, you must be at least 21 years old and no more than 29 years old (born between August 1, 1987, and August 1, 1995).
  • You must be single, have never been married, and have no legal obligation to support a kid or children.
  • Physically and mentally prepared for military training; moral character


  • PSA Issued Birth Certificate (Original and Photocopy)
  • Transcript of Records (TOR) and Form 137 for Senior High School Graduates (Original and Authenticated by School Registrar)
  • Certification from the School Registrar (If the Applicant is a graduating student or new graduate)
  • Diploma (Original and Authenticated by School Registrar)
  • 2 pcs latest 2×2 ID picture in white background
  • Certificate from the National Commission of Indigenous People (NCIP) duly signed by the Regional Director (only for Indigenous People members only)
  • VALID AFPSAT IRF (for applicants who took AFPSAT in the Philippine Army and Philippine Navy) (Note: AFPSAT is valid only for three years from the date of examination) 

It should be noted that candidates who have already passed the Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test (AFPSAT) administered to any branch of the armed forces, such as the Philippine Army and Philippine Navy, should bring the original and a photocopy of their current Individual Report Form (IRF) and only take the PAF General Classification Test (PAFGCT).

Physical flaws such as the ones listed below might detract from or invalidate the application:

  • Tattoo
  • Obesity
  • Pierced ear/s for males and extra piercing for females
  • Crossed eyedness
  • Bow leggedness
  • Excess/lacking finger

Philippine Air Force Requirements for Exam, Recruitment 2017

  • Application Form
  • NSO authenticated birth certificate
  • TOR (Transcript of Records) or Diploma
  • Two 2×2 recent colored photos

Exemption from the Qualification Exam

1. In order to be excluded from the exams, candidates who are licensed criminologists must present the following documents:

  • Complete PAF application (must go through PAF processing facility and have limited physical test completed)
    transcript of grades and certification
  • Birth Certificate from PSA
  • PRC ID (must be current and not expired) rating from the criminologist licensing examination
  • Government service certification, if applicable
  • Certificate of Criminal Justice-Related Work Experience, if Applicable
  • Seminars and training, if any (must pertain to the practice of criminology and must include the owner’s complete name)
  • Awards and honors, if any, must pertain to the practice of criminology and must display the owner’s complete name.

How to Apply for Philippine Air Force Recruitment 2023

  1. Download the application here:, then print one or get one from your neighborhood Processing/Examination Center.
  2. Type your information into the form or clearly handwrite it. If you choose to fill out the form electronically, be sure to sign it with a ballpoint pen or sign pen, ideally one in blue or black.
  3. Get ready for the prerequisites listed above.


Preferably with professional expertise related to academic achievement.

All applicants are reminded that the Philippine Air Force Human Resource Management Center (PAFHRMC) ( shall be the official source of updates and other pertinent information on PAF recruiting.

The Philippine Air Force is not affiliated with any other unidentified or unauthorized Facebook Page(s) that are misrepresenting PAF Recruitment and posting and sharing false material.

Therefore, the PAFHRMC further cautions the public to exercise caution and to be on the lookout for any shady or illegal PAF recruitment-related actions.
Applicants may get in touch with us through the hotline at 0961-936-8777 or the official PAFHRMC Facebook page with any concerns or complaints. Thank you and be careful.