NTI Portal Login my.nti.edu.ng Admission Portal 2024/2025 Registration

NTI Portal Login: my.nti.edu.ng Admission Portal 2024 Registration: Read through below to see the NTI course registration, closing date, and NTI result checking portal.

National Teachers Institute (NTI) applications are now being accepted, as is the NTI Program 2024 application process, NTI Courses that are offered, NTI study time. Before processing an application, interested parties are advised to carefully read the below instructions, requirements, and eligibility.

Do you need a B.ED, NCE, PTTP, or PGDE? If so, apply as soon as possible to the National Teachers’ Institute (NTI) before it’s too late.

All distance learning students have a home in the Student Portal, where they can schedule, go to, and keep track of their educational activities for both live and self-paced classes. Students have quick access to resources, tools, and

The National Teachers’ Institute (NTI) portal serves as a distance-learning educational institution to offer additional resources for addressing the difficulties faced by Nigerian teacher education.

NTI also provides a student portal. Through this portal, students can also access fundamental details about the organization. In this article, you will learn more about the NTI portal. How much of NTI are you already familiar with, though?

NTI Programmes Includes:

  • Nigeria Certificate in Education – NCE (N2,500)
  • Pivotal Teachers Training Program – PTTP
  • Bachelor Degree in Education – B.ED  –  (N5,500)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education  – PGDE (N10,500)

Application Method:

  • Simply go to my.nti.edu.ng and click “current students register” to begin your registration.
  • Create login information by entering a password. The student should be aware that the email address and password he/she provided earlier will be used to complete the application at a later date.

Payment Options:

Payment can be made in one of three ways:

  1. Create RRR: Click pay via Remita to make an online payment or save an invoice to send to the bank.
  2. Compensation: Card -An applicant can make his or her payment online using a card channel. Choose between MasterCard, Visa, and Verve.
  3. Payments: Bank- To make a payment at any bank’s branch. To proceed to the bank, download or print your invoice.

How To Apply Via NTI Portal Login my.nti.edu.ng

Click “current students register, choose your preferred program of study” on my.nti.edu.ng website.

Use RRR, a debit card, or a bank branch to make your payment.

Add Credentials: The applicant may add credentials by selecting “new” in Section B of the application, filling out the pop-up window by selecting the type of certificate, and then finishing the remaining fields. After adding a qualification, click save until all academic requirements have been added.

Working Experience: In this section of the application, the applicant lists their employment history. To view a pop-up window where a candidate can detail their work history, click new.

Working Experience: Add Employment Record – By clicking new on this section and filling out the corresponding pop-up form, the applicant provides details of the working experience.

Create Login Information Set up login information by providing a password. The student should be aware that the password and email address they provided earlier will be used to finish the application at a later time.

Continuing Applications: The student should use his or her email address and password as login information on the application’s home page in order to continue or complete an application.

Student Dashboard: Through this page, a student can view the status of his or her payments and applications, upload documents, and upload a passport photo.