NRC Recruitment 2023/2024 Norwegian Refugee Council Application Form & Portal

NRC Recruitment 2023 Norwegian Refugee Council Recruitment 2023 Application Form & Portal: Check out the available Jobs below, and also apply online via the organization’s official portal.

We are looking for persons who are enthusiastic about assisting refugees and people forced to escape their homes. Are you one of those individuals? If so, the Norwegian Refugee Council provides you with the opportunity to:

NRC is concerned with quality. In the field, we work tirelessly to solve problems in difficult-to-reach locations. We operate professionally, with respect for everybody, and with a strong emphasis on safety and teamwork. In a professional situation, you will learn quickly.

NRC thinks outside the box. To help tackle the complicated difficulties we confront, we promote ideas and provide responsibilities to all employees at all levels. You will have numerous chances to be heard and to take the initiative.

Basic Facts About The Norwegian Refugee Council

We are a group of approximately 16,000 humanitarians from all backgrounds, opinions, and ages. You will work with people who are kind, positive, and collaborative.

We foster a thoughtful and courteous workplace that values differences in culture, religion, color, and gender. Whether we operate in the field or at the headquarters, we are committed to improving the lives and rights of displaced people. We warmly welcome you to our global network of humanitarians, colleagues, and friends.

NRC Recruitment 2023 Available Jobs & Locations

  • HR Intern, Ecuador Quito
  • Finance Intern, Ecuador Quito
  • Finance Officer, Afghanistan Badghis
  • Global Emergency Response Team Leader
  • ICLA Assistant, Ecuador Guayaquil
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Nigeria Yola
  • Education Project Manager, Ukraine Odessa
  • Livelihoods and Food Security Project Manager, Ukraine Odessa
  • Prequalified Enumerators – Jubaland
  • Asistente Técnico Agua, Saneamiento e Higiene – Tumaco, Colombia (Solo nacionales)
  • HR and Admin Technical Assistant DR Congo Bunia
  • Education Team Leader, South Sudan Akobo
  • Education Officer, South Sudan Duk
  • Education Assistant, Somalia Kismayo
  • Education Coordinator Somalia Jubbaland
  • Logistics Officer DR Congo Mahagi

Basic Requirements for Norwegian Refugee Council Recruitment 2023

In order not to make any mistakes during your application process, It is important to note that all available job positions have their own requirements, as we may not list them here. Therefore, for clarity, we advise that you visit the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) official portal for more information about the requirements for ongoing recruitment.3

How To Successfully Apply for NRC Recruitment 2023

The steps outlined below will guide you through the application process for a position with the Norwegian Refugee Council:

  • Go to to access the NRC login portal.
  • Scroll down and click on “See All Vacancies
  • Follow the steps on the official website of the Norwegian Refugee Council.
  • Fill out and return your application form.

Steps To Note During The NRC’s Recruitment Process

The following five steps are typically included in the recruitment process. The process can take up to four months, but it is usually much faster.

Screening all applications received within the deadline

We will screen your application and analyze its eligibility against the job description requirements after the deadline.

We begin by confirming that you have the necessary language skills. Then we normally look at your work experience, the kind of jobs you’ve held, the duties you’ve been in charge of, and where you’ve been stationed. We also confirm that you have any required professional certificates or education.

For each open post, we receive numerous applications. You should receive an email response within one month of the submission deadline. We apologize if you have not received a response by then. Unfortunately, the absence of a response implies you were not chosen, as we make every effort to contact all shortlisted individuals.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to provide thorough feedback to applicants who want to know why they were not shortlisted.

Please be informed that applications that do not fulfill the minimum experience or certification requirements will not be evaluated. Unsolicited applications that are not tied to a specific job advertisement will also be rejected.

Assessments and tests for shortlisted candidates

We move forward with a few people that we believe are the best fit for the job.

Our assessment strategy is tailored to the position we are looking to fill. It could include:

  • Aptitude tests to assess your logical reasoning or cognitive abilities (e.g. numerical, verbal, abstract logical).
  • Personality tests might help you understand how you are likely to behave in different situations.
  • Situations and personal traits that you may bring to a role.
  • Technical tests to assess certain areas of knowledge (e.g. education, security, finance).
  • Language tests to determine fluency are frequently administered during the interview.

A candidate decision will never be based solely on test scores, but on a comprehensive review of your written application, tests, and interviews.

Shortlisted candidates’ interviews

Typically, two interviews are conducted in quick succession. Depending on the role and where you are located, these take place either in person at one of our offices or over Skype/phone.

Typically, they include a Human Resources representative, a technical specialist, and the hiring manager.

We want to understand more about you, your background, and why you want to work at NRC.

We will evaluate your technical and behavioral competencies, looking for evidence of your abilities. In addition, we will assess your attitude toward and experience with stress, resilience, and health in field candidates.

The interview should also provide you with an opportunity to learn more about NRC and the position for which you are seeking.

Background checks of final candidates

Our ability to protect and help refugees, displaced people, and other vulnerable individuals is dependent on our staff’s ability to respect and promote the highest ethical and professional standards. We will do everything possible to hire qualified personnel.

Following the second interview, the final candidates’ backgrounds will be checked by asking for and following up on references. Specific screening checks, such as police checks or criminal records relevant to child protection, will be required for some employment.

Job offer and contract

When the final candidate is picked and the recruitment procedure is authorized, they will receive a job offer.