NIS Recruitment Latest News Today 2024 Update On NIS Recruitment

NIS Recruitment Latest News Today, 2024: Check out the latest update on Nigeria Immigration Service application news below.

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has denied being aware of a text message about the agency’s hiring process. Anthony Akuneme, a NIS spokesperson, announced this in a statement posted to Twitter.

Akuneme claims that the NIS did not send the communication. Text communications allegedly from us regarding the NIS recruitment have caught the service’s attention.

FIRS/Tax Clearance was mentioned in the message(s).

“We want to make it crystal clear that such a message(s) did not come from Nigeria Immigration Service. The FIRS/Tax Clearance from applicants will not be requested by the NIS.”

According to Akuneme, the public should be aware that information regarding The Service’s hiring process will be made available across its official social media platforms and any other platforms that may be available.

Update On NIS Recruitment

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has provided a new, revised one-time address to any requests and issues regarding the recently finished recruitment application process following the closure of the 2024 NIS Recruitment application portal.

NIS claims that a significant number of public applications were submitted to the Service. Additionally, The Board is actively organizing and reviewing each submission.

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Successful applicants who satisfy and meet all requirements will be contacted via the contact information provided in their application forms. Data submitted by applicants in their forms will also be cross-checked and validated.

The Board would inform the public of the following steps via newspaper editorials and, of course, The Service’s social media accounts if and when the necessity arose. Therefore, applicants are recommended to follow the Service across all of our social media accounts and to constantly check their emails.

The Service wants to reaffirm its impartiality throughout the hiring process. NIS requests that you kindly DO NOT pay anyone to “work” or “settle” any recruitment “runs”.

NIS Recruitment Latest News Today: NIS Debunks Aptitude Test on Friday & Saturday

The Nigeria Immigration Service discredited the NIS recruiting 2024 aptitude test that was supposed to take place this weekend on Monday.

The NIS responded to a report from an online media source (not PUNCH) that the recruitment aptitude exam will be held on Friday, February 17, and Saturday, February 18.

Meanwhile, The PUNCH discovered on Tuesday that NIS has distanced itself from the publication on its own website, stating that they are aware of the “news” spreading from an unknown website about aptitude exams scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

“The Service wishes to state unequivocally that this is FAKE NEWS and should be ignored in its entirety.”

“Any information about the Service and its recruitment process will be distributed ONLY through our official social media channels and/or through any of the daily newspapers.”

“The NIS application cdcfib recruitment portal has recently closed, and NIS management has stated that successfully shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the next stage of the recruitment process.”

Aptitude test dates have not yet been scheduled; the applicant data gathered during the application period is being examined as such.

Therefore, NIS has advised all candidates to beware of any fake news from an unknown website.