Nigerian Navy Salary Structure, Ranks And Training Allowances 2023

Nigerian Navy Salary Structure, and Ranks: How Much Is Nigerian Navy Recruit Salary Per Month? See full details below.

The Nigerian Navy is one of the most important arms of the Nigerian military, with members in charge of defending the country’s territorial waterways. The Nigerian Navy, like any other branch of the military, has its own ranks and pay scales.

In the same way that we detailed the Nigerian Air Force Salary, Ranks, and Allowances and the Nigerian Army Salary, Ranks, and Allowances, we will now explain the Nigerian Navy Salary 2023, ranks, and Allowances.

Are the Nigerian Naval Forces Well Paid?

There is no question that the Nigerian Navy is paid less poorly than other professions in the country when compared to other occupations given the present rise in the cost of goods there. One may even suggest that the Nigerian maritime force personnel are having trouble getting enough to eat.

In contrast to what is paid above, the Naval salary in other developed nations such as the United States, Canada, etc. is roughly $12,7017. Taking it back to Africa, the current minimum wage for the South African Navy is R99,000, which is also astronomically high when compared to what the Nigerian government pays.

These days, there are hundreds of jobs that pay more than the navy, including in Nigeria, so the government needs to look into this. The truth is that it is obvious that fewer persons are interested in joining the Nigerian Maritime Force.

The Nigerian Navy Ranks

One of the three components of the Nigerian Armed Forces is the Nigerian Navy. The Nigerian Navy’s pay scale is based on rank and seniority, unlike the other branches, the Army and the Air Force.

The Nigerian Navy has two tiers of ranks. Younger and older. In the Navy, the Senior rank is the highest and Junior rank is the lowest. Starting at the Junior rank and moving up the ladder as they gain experience, naval officers eventually reach the Senior position. The Nigerian Navy bases salaries on these ranks.

Nigerian Navy Salary Structure, and Ranks 2023

Nigerian Navy Rank / Salary (per month) / Salary (per year)

The Nigerian Navy divides its ranks into two main groups: Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. In the part after this one, we’ll talk more about the various ranks under both categories.

The pay scale for Nigerian Navy officers will be discussed in this section. The pay scale for non-commissioned officers has not been disclosed to the public.

Nevertheless, as soon as we have that information, we’ll update this post. But, after some investigation, we were able to determine the annual income of a few ranks in this group, and we have included them below:

  • Cadet (Training): Between N471,038 and N534,773 per year
  • Warrant Officer: Between N1,022,320 and N1,192,499 per year
  • Master Warrant Officer: Between N1,783,029 and N1,962,697 per year
  • Navy Warrant Officer: Between N1,908,718 and N2,061,520 per year

The Nigerian Navy’s senior staff are commissioned officers. In addition to their base pay, they receive additional financial rewards for their selfless devotion to the country. The commissioning officer ranks, along with their monthly and yearly wages, are listed in the table below.

  • Admiral : N1,358,595 / N16,303,140
  • Vice-Admiral : N1,113,602 / N13,363,229
  • Rear Admiral : N1,003,245 / N12,038,945
  • Commodore : N615,488 / N7,385,856
  • Captain : N309,655 / N3,715,859
  • Commander : N281,674 / N3,380,086

Nigerian Navy Training Allowances

Throughout their training, trainees in the Nigerian Navy are also entitled to some allowances. Thus, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what to expect if you’re interested in joining the Nigerian Navy. The allowances given to trainees in the Nigerian Navy are listed below.

  • Trainee gets paid roughly N10,000 – 12,000 per month.
  • Short Service Cadets in the Nigerian Navy are paid between N15,000 and 20,000 per month.
  • Regular cadets of the Nigerian Navy are paid between N25,000 and N30,000 per month while they are undergoing training at the Nigerian Defense Academy.

The wage for the Nigerian Navy as of 2023 is as shown above.