Nigerian Correctional Service Salary Structure

Nigerian Correctional Service Salary Structure, Ranks & Training Allowance

Nigerian Correctional Service Salary Structure, Ranks & Training Allowance 2023

The Federal Government of Nigeria established the Nigeria Prison Service, or Nigeria Correctional Service, to rectify and rehabilitate convicts in accordance with its fundamental principle.

The organization is a federal concern that has developed over time to be large, extremely effective, and well-staffed.

The Comptroller General, who also serves as the agency’s CEO, is in charge of the organization. Under the direction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he manages the creation and execution of punitive policies throughout the federation from his headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. Over 240 Correctional Centers are located throughout the nation thanks to the Agency.

We will provide you with the ranks, duties, organizational structure, and wage scales for the Nigerian Correctional Service as of 2022 in this post.

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If you’re interested in joining the Service but have questions regarding how much the organization pays its employees, please carefully read the information offered here.

Nigerian Correctional Service Salary Structure & Ranks

The salary structures of the Nigerian Correctional Service and its sibling organizations, the Nigerian Immigration Service, Customs, and NSCDC, are comparable.

Due to the merged paramilitary pay system, this has happened (CONPASS).

The full list of wages and ranks for the Nigerian Correctional Service for 2023 is shown below, with duties for each rank being similar but varied.

  • Prison Assistant (PAI) Level 3 – 5: They help inspectors of prisons conduct out everyday tasks related to running the facility, such as maintaining security and guaranteeing inmates’ welfare. Every year, they get between N296,506 and N374,259.
  • Inspector of Prison (IP) Level 6: The rank title implies that each SP is in charge of the entire prison complex, monitors all institutional operations, manages security, assures the welfare of the convicts, etc. Their annual income ranges from N357,385 to N411,454.
  • Senior Inspector of Prison (SIP) Level 7: They have a higher rank in the government than an inspector of prisons and make N483,014 to N567,065 annually.
  • Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPII) Level 8: They also look out for the welfare of the prisoners who are housed there. Between N858,956 and N986,991 are ASP’s annual earnings.
  • Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPI) Level 9: They have senior managerial roles inside the organization and receive salaries ranging from N939,310 to N1,056,416 annually.
  • Deputy Superintendent of Prison (DSP) Level 10: This has a higher rank in the military and more responsibility. They make between N1,012,562 and N1,143,539 every year.
  • Superintendent of Prison (SP) Level 11: The SP has more duties that weigh heavily on the service than the DSP. Each year, they make between N1,094,027 and N1,252,038.
  • Chief Superintendent of Prison (CSP) Level 12: They manage the entire prison complex, supervise all internal operations, conduct security, guarantee the welfare of the inmates, and so forth. Their annual income ranges from N1,158,172 to N1,325,234.
  • Assistant Comptroller of Prison (ACP) Level 13: has a higher status and income than the Chief Superintendent of Prison. In a given year, they are given N1,225,584 to N1,405,449 each.
  • Deputy Comptroller of Prison (DCP) Level 14: are in charge of the zones as well, and they create the zones that make up the organization. Between N1,619,447 and N1,825,589 are given to DCP in the Nigerian Correctional Service each year.
  • Comptroller of Prison (CP) Level 15: Senior ranks in the service, they oversee the numerous zones that fall under their purview. They receive an annual salary ranging from N1,759,921 to N1,966,281.
  • Assistant Comptroller General of Prison (ACGP) Level 16: in the Nigerian Prison Service is the following position. The “Zones” are under their control. They are in grade level 16, and their annual salary ranges from N2,272,288 to N2,464,560.
  • The DCGP, or Deputy Comptroller General of Prisons, makes a fortune.
  • The highest-ranking officer in the Correctional Service is the Comptroller General of Prisons (CGP), who receives roughly N3 million annually.

In Conclusion

Here is the complete salary structure and ranking system for the Nigerian Correctional Institution. Anyone considering joining and working for this prestigious organization should keep in mind that they are joining a long-lasting and honorable service.

Please be advised that anyone who believes they “made it quick” should probably look for work elsewhere. Similarly, no one should work for the Nigeria Correctional Service if they lack patience, are insensitive, or know how to deal with delicate people.