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NBS Recruitment Portal 2024: National Bureau of Statistics Recruitment and Application Portal. See How To Apply Below.

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) – Thank you for visiting this application portal. Do you need the NBS Recruitment 2024 Application Form? If so, today we will share with you everything important about NBS Recruitment 2024 and how to Successfully Apply for NBS [Step by Step].

You’ve arrived at this page because you’re looking for information on how to Apply for NBS Recruitment Successfully.

Please be aware that whenever the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) obtains government approval to hire staff through recruitment, such information, as well as the procedures to be followed by prospective applicants, will be duly published online under due processes.

About National Bureau of Statistics Recruitment

Employment has recently become a major global concern. The global economy is unable to close the significant employment gaps that have emerged as it continues to grow at rates well below the trends that preceded the onset of the global crisis in 2008.

The task of returning unemployment and underemployment to pre-crisis levels appears to be as daunting as ever, with significant societal and economic risks associated with this situation.

The employment situation in Nigeria has been no less difficult than in other parts of the world, for both employers and labor suppliers. The number of unemployed people in the labor market looking for work is growing all the time.

Basic Requirements For NBS Recruitment 2024

Because of the NBS organization’s characteristics, the organization usually conducts an extensive background investigation on all prospective applicants after they pass their interview process before making a conditional offer of employment.

The following are part of the investigation:

  • Applicants must have an HND, OND, NCE, or B.Sc. degree from a recognized institution.
  • Applicants must be Nigerian citizens, either by birth or by naturalization.
  • Verification of all employment documents submitted by the candidate to the NBS,
  • It is necessary to provide two sittings for NECO/WAEC (English should be included).
  • All applicants must be under the age of 35.
  • A drug screening test,
  • Checks on credit and records,
  • An examination by a doctor,
  • Applicants may be required to take a qualifying online examination.
  • Your greatest strength is your willingness to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.
  • A valid form of identification, such as a voter card, driver’s license, or international passport, must be presented by the applicant.
  • Extensive interviews were conducted with former and current colleagues, teachers, business associates, neighbors, and friends, among others.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Applying for NBS Recruitment

Candidates interested in NBS Recruitment 2024 must submit an online NBS Recruitment 2024 application form through the NBS recruitment Website Portal at www.nigerianstat.gov.ng. Please disregard any message from any individual or group of people informing you that you must complete a special form for NBS recruitment.

Candidates are encouraged to visit the official NBS website for more information.

Please be aware that NBS is not currently recruiting, but the selection process is expected to begin soon. If you want to know if this job vacancy has been advertised online, you should keep checking this page as well as the NBS website.

If you want us to keep you updated on NBS Recruitment 2024, please leave your phone number and email address in the comment section below.

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