Natforce Salary Structure

Natforce Salary Structure 2024/2025 | NATFORCE Official Rank

Natforce Salary Structure 2024: Since the inception of this organization, there has been a relief among those who applied for a job position. It was detailed that over 300 NATFORCE personnel have been deployed to their places of primary assignment. Based on that, we have accessed their monthly salaries and have decided to share this information with all prospective applicants who would love to join. Kindly read through this article and be guided

National Taskforce (Natforce) 2024 Update

The National Taskforce to Combat Illegal Importation of Small Arms, Ammunition, and Light Weapons (NATFORCE) has announced the launch of its operations across the country to contribute to the effort to stem the rising tide of crime in the nation.

Its Director-General, Chief Osita Okereke, made the announcement yesterday in Abuja and said that despite President Muhammadu Buhari’s zealous efforts, crime rates were rising as a result of sabotage by those who opposed his administration’s anti-corruption initiatives.

He declared that the National Taskforce is about to start operating in full force across the entire federation. Fighting Nigeria’s insecurity is necessary to bring back calm throughout the federation.

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“Each local government will have at least 300 NATFORCE personnel trained and deployed to the localities to ensure that small guns and illicit weapons proliferation were properly curbed to put an end to regular communal conflicts and killings in some parts of the country.”

We request that the Police, DSS, Customs, and other security organizations take note that NATFORCE is still active. The matter was contested in court, and a decision was made in April 2013 that has not yet been appealed. When performing their authorized tasks, our men shouldn’t be harassed.

Natforce Salary Structure 2024

Salary structure for the National Tax Force (Natforce) in Nigeria: Natforce’s pay is comparable to those of other paramilitary groups in Nigeria.

Paramilitary pay in Nigeria is scaled according to levels, grades, and credentials. Higher qualified individuals make more money.

Level 3 – 5 Assistant Cadre N448,000 – N487,000
Level 6 Assistant Inspectorate Cadre N498,000 – N510,000
Level 7 Inspectorate Cadre N550,000 – N590,000
Level 8 Assistant Superintendent Cadre II N612,000 – N617,000
Level 9 Assistant Superintendent Cadre I N622,000 – 670,000
Level 10 Deputy Superintendent Cadre II N692,000 – N725,000
Level 11 Superintendent Cadre II N741,000 – N794,000
Level 12 Chief Superintendent Cadre II N796,000 – N802,000
Level 13 Assistant Commander N813,000 – N846,000
Level 14 Deputy Commander N877,000 – N 899,000
Level 15 Chief Commander N909,000-1,012,000
Level 16 Assistant Commandant General N1,076,000 – N1,112,000