NAFDAC Salary Structure & Allowance: How Much Does NAFDAC Pay Fresh Graduates

NAFDAC Salary Structure & Allowance 2023: The majority of candidates who are interested in working with NAFDAC first inquire about the organization’s wage structure before submitting their applications. The CONRAISS salary scale is used by NAFDAC to pay its employees, just like it is by every other agency under the Federal Ministry of Health.

What we will soon discover is the main motivation behind this post: how much does NAFDAC pay its new entry-level employees? In Nigeria, NAFDAC controls and audits the sales of packaged water, food, chemicals, and cosmetics.

The fact that most employers do not disclose the compensation scale structure or remuneration of their new graduate hires has led to an assumption about how much the employer pays its new hires.

Although new entry-level employees often make less money than more seasoned older workers, this is expected to change as they advance in their careers and accumulate more work experience.

NAFDAC Salary Structure & Allowance For Staffs

Businesses rarely disclose their new graduate employees’ wage scale structure or payment, resulting in an estimate of what the company pays its new employees.

Entry-level employees earn less than more experienced workers, but their salaries are expected to improve as they progress in their careers and gain years of experience.

The average wage at the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is 137,480 Naira. This data was gathered by 19 National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control staff (NAFDAC).

Some of the available roles are Administrative Assistant, Information Technology Manager, Laboratory Analyst, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Pharmacist, and Regulatory Officer.

The gender breakdown of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is man (57%) and female (36%), according to salary disclosures. (7% of the total).

NAFDAC Salary Structure

Administrative Assistant  ₦100,000 
Information Technology Manager  ₦210,000 
Laboratory Analyst  ₦116,000 
Medical Laboratory Scientist  ₦84,000 
Pharmacist  ₦193,000 – ₦263,000 
Regulatory Officer  ₦105,000 – ₦158,000  
Senior Accountant  ₦156,000  
Biochemist  ₦21,000  
Senior Procurement Officer  ₦110,000  
Laboratory Technologist  ₦122,000  
Quality Assurance Manager  ₦225,000  
Registration And Regularization Officer  ₦158,000  
Account Officer / Internal Auditor  ₦105,000  
Quality Assurance Supervisor  ₦21,000  
Intern Pharmacist  ₦122,000  
Senior Regulatory Officer  ₦129,000 – ₦132,000  
Project Team Lead  ₦263,000 

A NAFDAC on GL 8 earns N1,247, 854 per year. That works out to approximately N103,987 per month before pension and tax deductions. Also, NAFDAC employee on GL 7 gets paid N1,073,217 per year. That works out to approximately N89,434 per month before pension and tax deductions.

NAFDAC employees are eligible for certain allowances in addition to their base wages. However, these allowances are subject to certain requirements such as year of service, location, post held, and so on. Yet, as you advance up the service ladder, your pay increases.