Kaduna State Teachers Salary Structure and Allowance 2024

Kaduna State Teachers Salary: For all prospective applicants in search of a teaching position in Kaduna State, we have gathered information about the Kaduna State Teachers Salary Structure and Allowance in 2024. Read through for more information.

This article will examine the average secondary school teacher wage in Kaduna for 2024 and how it contrasts with salaries in other nations and professions. In addition, we’ll look at intriguing wage statistics like the median income, salaries at the 25th and 75th percentiles, experience-based pay ranges, and more!

The information in this article was gathered from a variety of sources, including official government salary data, compensation surveys, and job postings.

What Is the Average Salary for Secondary School Teachers in Kaduna?

The average income for a secondary school teacher in Kaduna is approximately 3,023,200 NGN per year, with the lowest average salary being around 1,417,600 NGN and the highest average salary being 4,777,400 NGN.

These are the typical pay rates for secondary school teachers in Kaduna, and they also cover perks like housing and transportation. A secondary school teacher may make more or less money than the aforementioned average wages.

Based on your experience, geography, skills, and gender, the salary of a secondary school teacher will vary greatly. To find out more information about any of these topics, continue reading below.

Secondary School Teacher Salary in Kaduna by Degree of Experience

The number of years of experience you have after entering a particular job is the most crucial aspect in deciding your income. It makes sense that a larger salary would be earned with more experience.

In order to give you an idea of how the average varies after you’ve worked for a while, we examined the average secondary school teacher income based on years of experience.

0–2 Years
1,645,600 NGN
2–5 Years +38%
2,254,400 NGN
5–10 Years +42%
3,217,900 NGN
10–15 Years +22%
3,925,200 NGN
15–20 Years +6%
4,140,900 NGN
20+ Years +9%
4,510,700 NGN

Secondary School Teacher Pay in Kaduna by Educational Level

Your education has a significant impact on how much money you can make, in addition to job experience. High levels of education are necessary for many higher paying jobs, but how much can they boost your pay?

In order to determine how much more money is available at each education level, we compared the earnings of workers in the same job and career level with various levels of education.

Your location and the job path you choose will have a significant impact on the pay you may expect to earn, depending on your degree.

In order to determine if a higher education level would result in a higher income, we looked at the average salary for a Secondary School Teacher in Kaduna based on the education level of the employees.

Bachelor’s Degree
2,254,400 NGN
Master’s Degree +83%
4,140,900 NGN

Kaduna State Teachers Salary Structure and Allowance

The Kaduna State Government announced on Thursday that it has increased public school teachers’ salaries by 32.5%.

At a news conference in Kaduna, the state’s commissioner for education, science, and technology, Ja’afaru Sani, said that all teachers would receive an increase of 27.5%, while teachers assigned to rural areas would receive a 5% incentive.

He claimed that whereas other teachers will get 2-bedroom flats and motorcycles to help them with their difficult commutes to school, headteachers will be entitled to 3-bedroom housing.

He claims that action is required to keep qualified and experienced instructors assigned to rural areas.