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JAMB Result 2024 Check Jamb Result With Registration Number

JAMB Result 2024: Check Jamb Result With Registration Number, Through SMS and also Print Jamb Slip Here

Want to check out the JAMB results online for 2024? This is a straightforward but comprehensive approach for all UTME applicants who want to learn their jamb exam marks.

You are most likely here because you want to verify and print your Jamb 2024 result, which is also why I wrote this article. How to use the JAMB Result for the years 2024 will be explained on this website.

How to Use a Registration Number to Check Jamb Results in 2024

Okay, simply follow the straightforward instructions I gave at the beginning of this article.

  1. To access the 2024 results on the Jamb site at www.jamb.gov.ng, only click the link.
  2. Give details such as your email address or your Jamb registration number.
  3. There is a “check results” button immediately beneath it. Press that.

On the www.jamb.org.ng result checker website, where you can download or print it, your Jamb score will be displayed.

JAMB 2024 Result Checking through SMS

A brand-new approach to looking at Jamb data was just released in 2024.

  1. Use SMS on your phone to check your Jamb score.
  2. Because it can only be sent via SMS and not online, it is not free but rather inexpensive.
  3. Using the phone or SIM that you used to register for the jamb, text the word “RESULT” to 55019. (the jamb number).
  4. Make sure to use capital or uppercase letters for the RESULT.
  5. Your SIM card will be charged 50 Naira.
  6. You will receive your exam results and the scores you received for each topic you took in a timely manner.

Congratulations! You may easily verify your jamb results with a mail or SMS.

In addition to the other techniques mentioned in this post, you are welcome to employ this one.

The Best Way to Check JAMB Results Online (via SMS)

All applicants who passed the JAMB exams can now text the word “UTMERESULT” (without any spaces) to the numbers 55019 or 66019.

  1. You must use the same phone number that you registered with JAMB while sending this SMS.
  2. Additionally, you must have enough airtime on your phone to complete the process. The credit balance must contain at least 50 Naira.
  3. JAMB will deal with your request, and you’ll have your results right away.

The following reactions are ones we can anticipate:

Are you using a phone that isn’t listed on your Jamb profile to place calls? The message “This phone number was not used for registration” will appear if your phone number was not used to complete the registration procedure.

You should receive the following notification when your Jamb findings are ready: The following are your Jamb results, Mr./Miss Xyz” (Along with other information, like your jamb score and other information, will be delivered via SMS.)

ALSO SEE: JAMB Result Checker 2024 – www.portal.jamb.gov.ng.efacility/check result

If the applicant’s jamb results are withheld, a notification similar to this one with the words “Result Withheld” will be delivered to them by SMS.

If Jamb needs to look into a candidate’s findings further or if there are concerns about their clarity, they will be texted the following details. Withheld until you supply any necessary justifications or supporting documentation.

Some candidates will receive notices with the text “Invalid Entrance into the Exam Hall” in them.

This indicates that they were not officially authorized to enter the examination room.

Online steps for reviewing JAMB original results

You must first log into the official jamb website before attempting to again retrieve your original JAMB results. Only the Jamb Portal is capable of printing the results.

Here are our most recent, thorough instructions for obtaining and printing your JAMB result.

The official JAMB website can be accessed at https://portal.JAMB.gov.ng/ExamSlipPrinting/CheckUTMEResults. Please enter your information accurately so that you can obtain the reliable JAMB results you require. The email address and Jamb registration number must be current.