JAMB Mop-Up Reprint 2023/2024: How to Print JAMB Mop-Up Examination Slip Online

JAMB Mop-Up Reprint 2023: How do I print my jamb mop-up slip? The jamb examination slip printing portal 2023 is now open. See the details below to print jamb mop-up exam slip.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has created a portal where applicants who are eligible for the mop-up examination can print their exam slips.

According to JAMB, approximately 12,000 students will take the exam at various locations across the country.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has enabled applicants eligible for the mop-up examination to print their exam slips through the Internet.

The printing of the mop-up notification sheet is required for all mop-up applicants because it informs them of the location, date, session, and time of their test.

Candidates Eligible for the 2023 JAMB Mop-Up Reprint

  1. Candidates who were present in their respective centers but were unable to take the examination
  2. Candidates who took the UTME in the following centers in 2023:
  3. Candidates who were unable to take the UTME due to fingerprint anomalies
  4. Candidates who were unable to take the examination due to technical issues in some centers
  5. Candidates who failed the BVM were recaptured in the centers.

To ensure eligibility, the Board has asked all such applicants to print their mop-up notification slips beginning May 2023, one week before the exercise.

Affected candidates are urged to print the slips ahead of time so that they are aware of the location of their examination centers and the timing of the examination.

This would also aid them in making essential preparations ahead of time, as the Board frowns on lateness to its examination, and no excuses would be accepted from any candidates, especially since it is a mop-up exercise.

Candidates do not need to attend any CBT centers to print the mop-up notification slip because it may be done at any available internet point, private or public.

How to Print JAMB Mop-Up Examination Slip Online

To print your Jamb examination slip, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/PrintMopupExaminationSlip to print the JAMB Mop-Up Examination Slip.
  2. In the proper sections, enter your JAMB registration number or GSM number/email address.
  3. Finally, click the ‘Print Mop-Up Examination Slip’ option to view your exam information.

Most Importantly

  • Candidates who were missing from those centers for whatever reason are NOT eligible for the mop-up examination and should not attempt to print because there will be none to print.
  • In accordance with the Board’s policy, all applicants will be checked into the examination hall using the Biometric Verification Machine (BVM), which also serves as a register of attendance. There will be no biometric verification or testing.
  • Candidates are urged to plan ahead of time and stay close to their examination sites; if possible, they should visit their centers prior to the exam date.
  • Candidates are also reminded that the prohibition on forbidden products remains in effect. As a result, candidates must be cautious not to violate the legislation, as necessary punishments will be meted out to violators of its code of behavior.
  • Prohibited goods in the test hall include but are not limited to, flash drives, smart watches, calculators, recorders, mobile phones, spy reading glasses, and jewelry.