Civil Defence Salary Structure, Ranks For B.Sc., HND, OND & NCE

Do you want to know the Civil Defence Salary Structure & Ranks for Graduate, and O’level applicants? Kindly read through for more information.

NSDCD Salary scale Based on Civil Defense Ranks – We display the compensation structure for graduates (those who joined the commission with a university degree or HND) in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). We’ll show you the pay for the officers in this post according to their rating.

Whether you’re among those who constantly ask queries like “how much is Civil Defence monthly salary?”. This is the last stop on your bus, because everything you need is on one page. Please be aware that the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s paramilitary Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) exists.

The organization’s mandate is to provide security measures to protect the nation and its citizens from any assault or natural calamity. Act No. 2 of 2003, as amended by Act 6 of June 4, 2007, gave the commission legal authority.

You might want to look into the NSCDC’s application process if you’re interested in joining the Civil Defense Force.

Civil Defence Salary Structure & Ranks of Officers

The Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), who earns a monthly pay of ₦305,332 and an annual income of ₦2,464,560, is the highest paid member of the organization. The Associate Cadre is the lowest paid group, earning ₦31,188 per month and ₦374,259 annually.

The breakdown of monthly NSCDC salary by rank is provided below:

  • Assistant Cadre (Level 3 to 6) – ₦31,188
  • Assistant Inspectorate Cadre (level 7) – ₦34,288
  • Inspectorate Cadre (Level 8) – ₦47,255
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre II (Level 9) – ₦82,249
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre I (Level 10) – ₦88,035
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre II (Level 11) – ₦95,295
  • Superintendent Cadre (Level 12) – ₦104,337
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre (Level 13) – ₦104,377
  • Assistant Commander (Level 14) – ₦117,121
  • Deputy Commander (Level 15) – ₦152,132
  • Chief Commander (Level 16) – ₦163,857
  • Assistant Commandant General (Level 17) – ₦205,380
  • Deputy Commandant General (Level 17) – ₦225,290
  • Commandant General (Level 18) – ₦305,332

Note: According to the new COMPASS payment structure, the salary of NSCDC officers depends on their rank, level, and advancements.

A level 8 Step 2 (Assistant Superintendent Cadre) officer of the NSCDC makes about ₦82,249 per month, whereas a level 8 Inspectorate Cadre makes about 47,255.

NSDCD Salary scale For Graduates

Graduates often start at level 8, although HND holders start at level 7. This suggests that monthly salaries for recent graduates should fall between ₦34,288 and ₦50,000. Doctors of medicine are assigned to Level 12, whereas master’s degree holders, lawyers, and individuals with other professions are assigned to Level 9.