USA Army Recruitment Form 2024/2025 Application Portal

U.S. Army Application Form for Foreigners, 2024: I will demonstrate the best method for applying for the USA Army Recruitment Form 2024 via the online application form portal,

This article also discusses the US Army Application Form 2024, its requirements, when it will begin, the deadline, and success tips.

If you are an African or from another continent and want to join the United States Army, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place; simply follow the instructions below.

Although you may want to apply for the current USA Army recruitment, you may be concerned about how your visa will be processed. Will I be hired? What are the conditions for foreigners?

I understand that these thoughts are natural, especially if you are not a naturalized US citizen or if this is your first trip to the US, most likely because of this recruitment exercise.

Applying for the United States Army recruitment is a great goal, and you can definitely achieve it; just take a deep breath and carefully read through this article to get the most out of it.

Is U.S. Army Application Form for Foreigners 2024 Out?

The United States of America (USA) army recruitment application form 2024 is now available, and both Native Americans and foreigners, including Africans and people from other continents, can apply.

The USA army recruitment application form is free and available online to all prospective applicants through the recruitment portal; do not engage in any transaction claiming direct access to the USA recruitment form for foreigners.

USA Army Portal Login:

Obtaining the U.S. Army Application Form is one thing, and successfully submitting an application, especially since it is online, is another.

The US online application portal is what allows foreigners to easily apply for the recruitment without having to travel to the US first.

Please be aware that the official application portal for the USA army recruitment for 2024 is, and all prospective or intending applicants, both indigenous and foreigners, are encouraged to visit this site.

Basic Requirements for USA Army Recruitment 2024

The following are the eligibility and requirements for joining the United States Army:.

  • A prospective applicant should not be under the age of 17 or over the age of 35.
  • A prospective applicant should be in good health, both morally  and physically.
  • applicant must be a US citizen or a permanent resident with a valid green card.
  • The applicant must be a high school graduate or equivalent.
  • You must have a minimum score on the United States Army placement exam (for enlisted soldiers).
  • Apply for a security clearance check by completing a questionnaire, being interviewed, and then providing records.

These requirements apply to all applicants, whether from the United States or a foreign country, and I would advise you to strive to meet them, as they are the standard for selection in this army recruitment.

How to Apply for U.S. Army Recruitment 2024 for Foreigners and Citizens

The application steps outlined below apply to both US citizens and foreigners interested in applying for this position; the process is straightforward; simply follow the instructions carefully.

  • Access the application portal at
  • From the homepage, go to “learn how to join” and follow the instructions.
  • Scroll down to the position you want to apply for and click the “create account” button.
  • Examine the “privacy & security notice.”
  • Fill in the blanks with your names, date of birth, email address, and zip code, then click the “submit” button.
  • Go to your email and click the confirmation link.
  • Then, navigate to
  • Enter your email address and password, then click the Submit button.
  • Then fill out and submit the application form.

Provide only valid and authentic information, as any change or mismatch in data may result in disqualification.

FAQs About Army Recruitment in the United States

What are the offenses that can disqualify an applicant from joining the US military?

  • Applicants who are subject to civil restraint, such as parole, confinement, or probation, are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants convicted or adjudicated in civil court for more than one serious offense, or serious offenses with three or more other offenses (other than traffic)
  • If you are caught trafficking, selling, or distributing narcotics, including marijuana, you will face serious consequences.
  • If you have three or more convictions for driving while intoxicated, drugged, or impaired in the last five years before joining Applicants who have five or more misdemeanor convictions
  • If you are unable to pass a drug or alcohol test, or if you are facing current charges,

What is the minimum age to join the United States Army?

The minimum age to apply for USA recruitment as a citizen or foreigner is 17 years, and the maximum age limit is 36 years.

Can I join the US Army if I’m over the maximum age limit?

Although the maximum age to join the US military as an enlisted soldier is 35 years old and 31 as an officer, in cases where there are many roles to fill, you may be offered an age waiver and then retire after 20 years of military service, i.e. you will retire from the US army at age 55.

Is it possible for me to join USA Amy if I have a medical condition?

If you are a prospective applicant with a medical condition that may disqualify you, don’t worry; you can still join as long as you obtain a medical waiver. The medical waiver is granted on an individual basis.

What is the minimum height for joining the United States Army?

The minimum height is 58 inches, and the minimum weight is 91 pounds. The maximum height is 80 inches, and the maximum weight is 173.

When is the next foreign military recruitment in the United States?

The United States (U.S.) army is currently recruiting foreigners, and you can apply by visiting the online application portal

USA Army Shortlisted Candidates 2024

After submitting your application, the next step is to see if you are one of the successful applicants. To do so, go to, login to your dashboard, and then click on application status.

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