Cyber security Sales jobs

Cybersecurity is a prominent topic in the digital world, especially in recent years. As technology advances, security threats also increase. Cybersecurity is designed to protect computer systems, networks, and devices from  internal and external threats. This includes everything from hardware, software, and data security to protecting users from phishing  and malware attacks.

In the cybersecurity sector, there is a growing need for sales professionals who specialize in selling security solutions to businesses across a variety of industries. These sales professionals are called cybersecurity sales professionals.

 Cybersecurity sales positions require individuals to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the challenges businesses face in today’s digital landscape. They must have a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity technology, tactics and strategy.

A good cybersecurity salesperson must be able to clearly present and explain the benefits of their security solutions to various stakeholders, including IT, finance and management managers. physical. They must be able to identify, evaluate, and close sales opportunities and build lasting relationships with customers.  As a content writer with experience in the cybersecurity sales industry, I recognize the important role  these sales professionals play in helping businesses protect from cyber threats. With ever-changing technology, the need for cybersecurity sales professionals will only grow.

Cyber security Sales jobs in 2023 

eSecurity Solutions —Remote1

As a cybersecurity service provider, your job is to manage customer licenses, support, and contract renewals. Your mission will be to grow sales of managed security, risk assessment and cybersecurity products. Qualifications: Sales, Direct marketing, B2B sales, Organizational skills, 1 year experience in Cybersecurity Technical sales, Time management. Estimated annual salary: $75,000 – $200,000.  Interested candidates should visit: eSecurity Solution – Remote 1 —Remote enterprise is looking for cyber security sales personnel. The company is majoring in cyber security and Networking. Job duration 4 years with option to extend. Qualifications 1+ years of cybersecurity, networking, or even OEM sales experience. Estimated annual salary is $115,000 – $215,000. With other mouthwatering benefits. Interested candidates should visit: —Remote

Cyber security channel manager CybeReady —Remote

Cybeready is a reputable cyber security company that is looking forward to engage the service of a cyber security sales personnel. The main duty of this person is to support partners throughout the sales cycle. The candidate will work closely with VP of Sales and VP of Marketing to draft out marketing and sales strategies and materials. Qualifications:Sales, Sales management, +5 years experience.

Estimated Annual salary – $72,500. Interested candidates should visit: CYBERSECURITY CHANNEL MANAGER 


Security solution engineer 

EVOTEK —Remote

EVOTEK is currently recruiting a new set of workers.  EVOTEK has an integrated set of technical domains, which include data center, network, security, cloud and communication. They provide a cohesive approach to digital  initiatives while taking Businesses to new heights. This is in addition to the technical solutions that they provide. Qualifications:  Certified Information Systems Auditor, Sales, Customer service, CISSP, CCSP, CEH, Market research, Vulnerability management, Cybersecurity, CompTIA Security+, Account management, Identity & access management. Estimated Annual salary: $150,000 – $200,000. Interested Applicants should visit: Security solution engineer

Silverback Communications LLC —Tampa, 

Silverback communications LLC is currently looking for an ideal person to fill in the position of cyber security sales executives.  Duties include identify customers needs and come up with a strategy to meet the identified need.  The ideal candidates should possess a deep understanding of the sales process. Qualifications: Sales, Driver’s License, Communication skills. Estimated Annual salary $73,199 – $84,235. Interested Applicants should visit: Silverback Communications LLC —Tampa

Ridge IT Corporation —Tampa, FL5 

Ridge IT corporation is currently recruiting for account executive in Cybersecurity. Who have the experience in expanding solutions in current clients and bringing in new logos for the company. Qualifications:  Sales, 3 years, Direct sales, Cybersecurity, SaaS, +2 years experience in Cyber Security accounting. Benefits:Profit sharing,Health insurance, 401(k), Paid time off, 401(k) matching. Estimated Annual salary: $60,000. Interested candidates should visit: Ridge IT Corporation —Tampa, FL5

K logix —Brookline, MA

K logic- is looking for a business development representative in Cyber security. 

Ideal person should be:

  • Perseverance and fully capable of moving the company forward in an ever-changing market.
  • Results oriented, proud of the growth and development of your goals.
  •  Be enterprising and motivated to maximize revenue.
  • Should be reliable, punctual and motivated. 
  • Dynamic and evolving in a fast-paced, results-driven environment.

Qualifications: CRM software,Sales, Salesforce, Bachelor’s degree, +1 year of experience in Cybersecurity business, Communication skills, Time management.  Estimated salary: $55,000 – $125,000. Interested candidates should visit: K logix —Brookline, MA.

Skills required to become Cyber Security sales personnel.

If you are aiming to become a cyber security sales personnel, here are some of the skills you should learn and master.

  1. Technical knowledge: Commercial cybersecurity personnel must have a solid understanding of industry-related technical concepts, such as firewalls, encryption, and intrusion detection systems. A cybersecurity sales personnel must also be able to communicate these concepts to others in an understandable way.
  1. Communication skills: Cybersecurity sales personnel have  to worked with various stakeholders, including customers, executives, and technical teams. Cyber security sales personnel must have excellent communication skills to be able to present ideas, make recommendations, and persuade customers..
  1. Analytical skills: Salespeople must have a keen eye for detail and be able to identify customer needs and understand market trends and opportunities. Cyber security sales personnel must be able to analyze large amounts of data to make informed decisions about pricing, sales strategies, and more.
  1. Sales skills: Cybersecurity salespeople must have a good understanding of the sales process and be able to manage the sales process. Cyber security sales personnel must be able to negotiate contracts, close deals, and be comfortable with tight schedules and  deadlines.
  1. Industry knowledge: Cybersecurity salespeople must be familiar with current market trends, competitors, and emerging technologies. Cyber security sales personnel must also keep up with the ever-changing cyber risks faced by organizations and be able to provide solution to customers.